Welcome to the Yorkshire Small-Bore Rifle & Pistol Association

We are the Association of Yorkshire target shooting clubs that shoot small-bore disciplines. Our aims and objectives are:

  • To foster and encourage the sport of small-bore rifle and pistol shooting throughout the county across all sectors of the community
  • To provide a wide range of team and individual competitions across all disciplines
  • To support clubs within the county by encouraging the take up of specific courses for RCO and club instructor qualifications, alongside the roll out of the NSRA scoring seminars
  • To assist individual shooters in developing their skills by financial support to the regional squads for both rifle and pistol shooters
  • To field competitive teams in all nationally run inter county competitions encouraging clubs to put forward the names of shooters who have the potential to be selected for such teams

Open Meetings

A wide range of fine trophies and prizes are competed for at Yorkshire open meetings.

Yorkshire Rifle Championship trophies

Please note that, for insurance reasons, trophy winners are not permitted to take trophies home. Winners will be photographed with their trophies, and their names registered in the roles of honour.

Latest News

  • Leeds Final Results 2020/2021
    Please see Association of Leeds And District Rifle And Revolver Clubs results page for the VERY LAST Leeds results. As you will be aware, it has been a difficult winter which has resulted in a skeleton comp. I’d like to thank you all for the support you have given to the Leeds Association over the
  • S&DR&PA Summer 50m Prone Rifle Competition (open entry) Summer 2021
    The Sheffield & District Rifle & Pistol Association are runing a 50m competition for Summer 2021.3 sets of 40 shots to be shot during July, August and September, the first day of shooting being the first of the month and the last day the last day of the month.Shooting will be in classesaccordingto average: Class
  • Hello world!
    The website for the Yorkshire Small Bore Rifle & Pistol Association has been upgraded and now uses WordPress.

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Events